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Painter Julia Lambright was born and raised in Russia. She earned a BFA and MFA with Distinction from the University of New Mexico. Working in oil in the past, her prime medium of choice is egg-tempera, knowledge she acquired from masters in Russia and the United States. While searching for a personal spiritual experience, Julia began exploring iconographic canons, formulas, and techniques of 17th century icon painting. Her works document the silent and persistent dialogue between past and present and served as a voice to address memory, vision, and childhood experiences.

Through the years, Lambright has allowed her artwork to evolve and shift. Her continuous fascination with materials led to an exploration with soft pastels that offer a new visual perspective. Searching for a more immediate expression and greater experimental capabilities, she challenges the traditional approach with materials with the desire to express sensation that evokes her inner world. In this visual dialogue, Lambright invites the viewer to have their own subjective experience and interpretation. She lives and works in Albuquerque.



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